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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation is the process of removing sun damage, stimulating new cell growth and increasing collagen production.

Typically the treatment will reduce the skins age by 2 years per session hence 5 sessions can give up to a visual reduction of 10 years in the skins texture and tone. Normally 3-5 treatments are required at 3 weekly intervals. Three weeks is considered the period to achieve peak levels of collagen production following treatment.

Results are accumulative, however, with no down-time or after effects, a customer may wish to have a one off treatment to freshen their skin for an important event. One whole face can be treated in 30 minutes. Periodic refreshers may be required 6 months after the initial course.

Success of the treatment varies according to the individual. However the better the diet and lifestyle of the individual and the greater care they take of their skin, the better the result.

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Facial Aging

Before After
age before age after
age before age after

All women want to look younger and Bedford Laser can make that wish a reality.

It’s all in the lights!

The laser treatment has two coloured lights, red and orange.

The red light TIGHTENS the skin and improves ELASTICITY. This is very important, and women with sagging skin ALWAYS ask us if the treatment includes this.

The red light also regenerates the skin by increasing CELL RENEWAL and BLOOD supply. It also increases collagen production. This is important. Collagen plumps out the skin.

The orange light evens out the SKIN TONE by reducing redness and brown marks. It also minimises OPEN PORES and reduces fine lines. Skin will look fresher and FINE LINES will be smoother.

The orange light also detoxes the skin by improving lymphatic drainage.

Facial Rejuvenation

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wrinkles before wrinkles after
neck before neck after
wrinkles before wrinkles after
wrinkles before wrinkles after

Thousands of people have had the treatment, and their lives are better for it. Now it’s your turn.

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Please note: individual results may vary.

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